December 20, 2008

Facebook: 600K new users a day - $1 million monthly electricity bill reports that Facebook is adding 600,000 new users a day, with more than 140 million users worldwide, and monthly electrity costs of more than $1 million.  The need for more data center infrastructure led Facebook to supplement its Santa Clara data center with an additional facility in Ashburn, Virginia to address latency issues for European users.  More than 70 percent of Facebook users are now outside the United States.


With more than 10 billion user photos now hosted (see overall Facebook statistics) and 200 million users expected by early next year, the company's data center capacity requirements will only continue to grow. 

by Will Runyon December 20, 2008
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Internet Downtime - 2008's Major Incidents

Downtime has a interesting review of the "top 10" Internet downtime incidents in 2008.  Everything from severed underwater cables, fires, denial of service attacks, to data center power outages, etc.  Good lessons all.  Wishing you only "uptime" in 2009.

by Will Runyon December 20, 2008 in SysAdmins
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