May 09, 2008

Google's Eric Schmidt on Cloud Computing

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke recently at IBM's Business Partner Leadership Conference in LA.  Lots of cogent commentary for businesses and consumers about globalization, the changing nature and scale of the web, the myriad of access devices, and the resulting necessity of cloud computing architectures.  As Schmidt said, "It's the story of our lifetime."

by Will Runyon May 9, 2008
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Data centers in a box? Skeptics abound.

Microsoft's Mike Manos delivered a keynote at the recent Data Center World spring conference.  Microsoft and Sun are both proponents of packing thousands of servers into "plug and play" 40-foot shipping containers.  Computerworld asked several industry experts what they think of this approach and Manos responds in an article titled
6 reasons why Microsoft's container-based approach to data centers won't work.

by Will Runyon May 9, 2008 in Design, Energy Efficiency, Who's Who
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