College kids find careers in mainframe programming

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March 03, 2008

College kids find careers in mainframe programming

The Wall Street Journal's Business Technology blog has a post titled Young Mainframe Programmers are the Cat's Meow about the 50,000 kids in college who are studying mainframe programming.

Money quote - "Students like Elizabeth Bell, a 23-year old computer-programming student at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada, are starting to realize that while being a young mainframe programmer may not be sexy, it’s highly marketable. 'There are so many legacy systems out there that it isn’t feasible to think that businesses will phase them out over the next 10 or 20 years,' she tells the Business Technology Blog. Rather than compete with 50 other Web designers for the handful of programming jobs that use the hot technologies of the moment – technologies that Bell says she knows – she taught herself COBOL, a mainframe computer language invented in 1959."

Read more about the next generation of mainframe programmers here and here

by Will Runyon March 3, 2008 in Who's Who


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