World's First Energy Efficiency Certificate Program for Data Centers

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November 02, 2007

World's First Energy Efficiency Certificate Program for Data Centers

In speaking with literally hundreds of customers worldwide, it's clear that there are three key motivators to improve the energy efficiency of IT.

The first is economic.  Data centers can consume 15 times more energy per square foot than a typical office building and, in some cases, can be 100 times more energy intensive.  This means there is a real incentive to improve IT efficiency to lower costs.

The second is operational concerns.  Many customers simply cannot get more power into their data center or dissipate the heat being generated by today's technologies.

The third is the rapid rise of environmental responsibility agendas within companies of all sizes in every geography.  CIOs and IT managers are now being asked to  contribute to the energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction commitments being made at a corporate level. 

The challenge many companies face is monitoring and verifying their efficiency efforts in their data centers.  Now there's something new that can do this for you.

IBM's Energy Efficiency Certificates Program lets you earn certificates when you reduce the energy needed to run your data center.  The certificates, earned through IBM's partner Neuwing Energy Ventures,  provide third-party verification of progress toward a company's energy efficiency goals and can be traded for cash or other credit on the energy certificate market.  So you can save on costs and improve your company's environmental credentials. 

See this video on this new program

Will energy efficiency credits make a difference for your company?  Let's hear your thoughts.

Rich Lechner

by Will Runyon November 2, 2007 in Design, Energy Efficiency, Power & Cooling, Services


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The ability to measure with the on board energy monitor - the mainframe gas gauge- enables real quantification of energy efficiency. Now consolidation projects can help reduce the energy demands on the raised floor and receive more than cudos. Energy Efficiency Credits can be "banked:, trades or sold. They have real value because they are certified by Neuwing Energy Ventures, a 3rd party, demonstrating true savings.

Posted by: David Anderson | Nov 3, 2007 3:53:35 AM

I have a forth motivator that is not well published but is a very real concern. Due to political issues the national power grid has not grown to match the rate of consumption. This has lead to brownouts and other power issues. Now I read about a nuclear plant that is shutting down due to a lack of water. Data centers are a large part of the consumption and HR 5646 has illuminated that high rate of consumption. The "Green" initative is just as much about buying time to get the nation grid back up to par.

Posted by: Chuck Hobart | Jan 24, 2008 3:16:52 PM

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I don't know that energy efficiency credits will make a big difference right now because with our economy in such difficult times, businesses are needing money and to be paid right away.

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