July 30, 2007

Energy Efficiency The Real Story

I always knew label ratings of the energy used by mainframes were max configurations that did not reflect what was really happening on the raised floor.  Now that z9's can be measured by actuals it is very easy to see that the energy efficiency is really there.  I looked at a z9 EC model S54 and saw when 10 temporary engines were added it used just a little more than 1% more KW.  The overall actual measurement before and after tha addition of 10 engines was always less than 12 KW.  I am going to work in August to get more facts and real numbers out to the world. 

by Dave Anderson July 30, 2007 in Energy Efficiency


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IBM has given a roadmap for large data centers that are struggling to balance compute demand with energy efficiency. The Enterprise Computing Model of rehosting 3900 distributed servers into about 30 mainframes and saving +80% in energy and 85% in floor space is a compelling example of the efficiencies and savings waiting for those who think of the data center as potentially “green” computing. I believe we all should be good stewards of the resources we have and see the energy savings that translate into costs savings as a double win. The ECM project is good for IBM and great for reducing power consumption for what a data center does. It is a large project that will have impacts well beyond the work that is run efficiently in IBM’s 7 mega data centers.

Posted by: David F. Anderson PE | Aug 1, 2007 3:37:07 PM

IBM started consolidating data centers in the 1990’s. IBM is where some other large companies strive to be, fewer large data centers makes sense. IBM is leading with data center designs and organization. As the demand for hosting workloads grows within IBM and for IBM’s clients, IBM has the model, centralization with energy efficiency which can enable sustainable growth. IBM is now the benchmark for efficiency and green leadership. It is very impressive to double the amount of raised floor while cutting energy consumption in half. IBM known for its technology adds a process to exploit changing cost dynamics in IT. Centralization with virtualization is green and efficient. The mainframe rather than being tired technology is setting the pace.

Posted by: David F. Anderson PE | Aug 1, 2007 3:56:37 PM

IBM now has a White paper on benchmarking System z for energy efficiency.

It can be found on line.
A Power Benchmarking Study on the IBM System z9: Applying Energy Efficiency Metrics to Performance

Net is that you can go from idle to full capacity and not draw a lot of power.

Posted by: David Anderson | Oct 9, 2007 9:52:13 AM

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