Virtualization Vital in Driving Data Center Efficiency

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May 21, 2007

Virtualization Vital in Driving Data Center Efficiency

As server power consumption has increased eightfold and the installed base continues climbing more than 15% annually, IDC estimates that by 2010, roughly 35 million servers will be installed in data centers around the globe. This "installed base boom" is no doubt leading to the server gap in data center power and cooling capabilities. At the same time, the boom provides us with an opportunity to come together to explore new ways to increase power performance, improve productivity and efficiency, generate new capacity for future growth and, oh yeah, reduce costs. In the end, we'll be contributing to a greener planet.

We can get started by consolidating the footprint of physical servers in play today and virtualization is vital in making that happen. While technical in nature, virtualization is really a fairly easy concept to comprehend. From a systems standpoint, systems use energy and give off heat whether they are in use 100% of the time or just 15% of the time. Server virtualization allows a physical server to be partitioned to run multiple secure virtual servers, reducing server quantity and related costs/energy used.

California-based Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is adopting virtualization to lead the way by transforming its San Francisco, Fairfield and Diablo Canyon IT operations into energy-efficient data centers. The company has adopted a  Mobile Measurement Technology (MMT) System  to measure temperature distributions in data centers that is heling PG&E consolidate virtualize servers to reduce energy consumption.  And from a system utilization standpoint, PG&E expects utilization to increase from 10 percent of capacity to more than 80 percent.

PG&E is also the first energy company to offer incentives to spur virtualization technology adoption, enticing customers to dismantle under-utilized computing data and storage equipment. The program reimburses PG&E customers up to 50 percent of the costs of a server consolidation project – including software, hardware and consulting – up to a maximum of $4 million per customer. Kudos to PG&E for taking a leadership role in promoting the virtualized data center.

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